Below are some of the residential benefits of a residential thermographic scan

Residential benefits – reduced chance of panelboard fire

Home power panel after a fire

Increased safety from electrical fires in panelboards. Early detection of hot spots and loose connections will reduce electrical fire potential. Cost savings are direct fire costs, panel replacement costs and smoke damage costs.

Overheated solar panel damage

Solar panels damaged by overheating

Increased power output / reliability in solar panels, inverter and battery bank. Detection of failed solar panels and overheated/damaged batteries and inverter. Cost savings are increased power output and early detection of failing components.

Electric vehicle battery and charger thermal imaging

Increased safety from electrical fires in electric vehicles and EV charging systems. Early detection of hot spots and loose connections will reduce electrical fire potential. In vehicles and charging stations there is a safety risk of electrical fires due to battery failures and thermal runaway. Cost savings are reduction of direct fire costs, electrical component replacement cost and battery replacement costs.

Heat loss around front door, before and after

Heat loss at front door before and after pictures

Reduced cost of heating / air conditioning. A thermal scan will find sources of heat / AC loss. Cost savings are in increased insulation value decreasing your wasted heat / AC therefore reducing your power bill.

Black mold accumulating due to water intrusion

Black mold accumulating in the corner of 2 walls due to moisture intrusion.

Reduced cost of building repair due to water intrusion in roof and walls. Early detection of leaks will allow repair before the problem increases and roof/walls need replacement. Also early detection may prevent black and blue molds from forming.

Residential benefits – Pool leak pinpointed with thermal scan

Pool thermographic scan reduces amount of digging required to fix an inground pipe leak

Reduced cost of pool repair and chemical cost savings. Thermal scanning will allow you to pinpoint exact location of pool/pipe leak, this will reduce the cost to excavate and repair leaking pool. Chemical costs can be reduced by early detection and repair of pool leaks.

Poorly installed attic insulation

Poorly installed insulation reduces energy efficiency and increases home heating costs.

Reduced home renovation costs. A complete thermal scan can save you money by only changing or adding insulation that is required.